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Former CIA Spy's Message For President Trump on Election 2020 | Robert David Steele

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Robert David Steele, a former CIA spy (out from under cover with permission), former Marine Corps officer, founder of the modern Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) discipline and founder of #UNRIG, offers our President four paths to triumph: take Bloomberg seriously; fulfill core promises; sponsor election reform act; and invite Dr. Cynthia McKinney to the White House while creating a Council of Governors with Jesse Ventura and Mike Huckabee as co-chairs, and a Council of Mayors with Satya Rhodes-Conway and Nan Whaley as co-chairs. #MAGA! #UNRIG Visit these links for more information: https://tinyurl.com/TrumpTriumph https://tinyurl.com/POTUS-IDEAS https://tinyurl.com/POTUS-INTEL
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