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TrueBlueGood (BlueGood) on Gab
Can't wait til Little Jimmy opens his mouth at a White House Presser and Sarah Huckabee Sanders thanks him for his unwitted "Support" of #Trump's wall!.. LOL https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/01/watch-tucker-carlson-absolutely-destroy-jim-acosta-over-his-self-own-at-the-border/ #BanTranquility PMSL... ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ---------------------------------------- #QAnon #TheStorm #TheGreatAwakening Pray 4 #POTUS < ????????????  @martris‍ @Millwood16‍ @KTH @sgc7777‍ @UKBRIT‍ @ArgentinoAmericano‍ @Candace @blogdog @GeeCee‍ @Mbarris01‍ @KetzerHexe @HorrorQueen @NannyG123 @Chucked14 @TedHong @Tammy110 @Joybell @wwboom @TruthnotFM @FalconNest @leamorabito‍ @Gypsy124‍ @AgendaOfEvil‍ @GigiHaines  @Saxon888‍ @spid3r‍ @txpatriot‍ @leeleemunster‍ @WiIlluc20  @EmbassyCat @Garycowick‍ @blindinglightshines‍ @TEFLON1‍ @VortexQ‍ @1776Ninja‍ @Maka‍ @RentonMagaUK‍ @Kryptex‍ @RaviCrux‍ @BovineX  @Sockalexis‍ @Snugglebunny‍ @Lexy‍ @StacyF‍ @Sidephaser  @Johncparnell‍ @Jimfarmer‍ @MountainGirl543‍ @SalguodNos‍ @TexasYankee4‍ @ANV‍ @Boomstickbiker @4blessings
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